Not to peppy.


I am very emotional today. I have no clue why but it truly has been one of those “fuckyou” days. Johnny cash has been my best friend today I have been listening to his music all day. I just ordered pizza (jalapeno && pineapple) and I already have my tub of ice cream and wine. Don’t judge me I may sound pathetic and lonely but i just have a lot on my mind today. So I am going to vent a Lil to you whoever you are. I doubt many people read this anyhow.  I am currently on disability from a injury I got from work and it is my knee so i cant walk or do much of anything which really sucks. Instead of working my ass off for my money and having things to do everyday I sit at home doing nothing which is not only depressing but getting me fatter as the days go by. I try doing Lil things to keep myself busy but it isn’t the same. I have been fighting with my boyfriend these past two days which doesn’t make things much better and I being the stubborn person I am WONT give in if i don’t think its right. My parents are divorced and my mom is all in love with a new man which is great for her i want her to be happy but still makes me feel weird at times because we aren’t as close now. I don’t even know why i am complaining about these things on here. I really do have a great life and I appreciate it all but who doesn’t stop and think about all the things that suck? I mean am I the only person?  I am a in a funk I need a joke or two. well I feel like this post is very unnecessary and just stupid so till again my friend tootles!

At the moment.

ImageWhy me? GEEZ LOUISE I’ve been bitten!  My leg is itching extremely. Is it me or do all people including myself hate mosquito’s. I mean think about it do you know anyone who likes them? I hope I don’t have west Nile. Today is Monday fathers day came and went and happy belated fathers day to all you daddies out there and u mommies you play the daddy role as well. I just ate a dell taco Veggie burrito. Can you say delicious! Its one o clock in the morning so being that its veggie still doesn’t make it healthy because ill probably be asleep within the next hour or two. I cant sleep much these days insomnia has got the best of me lately. I am getting a pimple on the left bottom side of nose where the crease is and OMG does it hurt. NO BUENO. ( that’s probably the most Spanish I know). Today’s post is going to be rather short because I am addicted to  DIY projects at the moment and I want to search the web for more new and exciting things to try and do. (will post things i do later)  So goodnight people of the world. tootles.<3

All Random Things In My Head.

Hello Reader,

My name is Jennifer. I would like to start off by saying every time I write on here I’m pretty sure I’m going to rant and rave about the things  that are on my mind at the moment. So as you may know in the heat of any moment you aren’t thinking about spell check or grammatical issues. SO I apologize in advance for any mistakes I may make. Now that that’s done and talked about lets get to the good stuff! (: I  started this blog because I have a million things going threw my head all day so I thought what better way to express myself then blog it the world.  ON MY MIND at this moment is thinking of ways to find a CURE FOR CYSTIC FIBROSIS. I  am thinking about making a fantastic website dedicated to finding a cure. People from all over the world can share there stories and help give hope and strength to other Cystic fibrosis patients, family and friends.  I’m thinking big right now world wide! It could help bring so much awareness! If you don’t know what Cystic fibrosis is also known as “CF” let me educate you (:

Cystic fibrosis is a awful illness. Cystic fibrosis is an genetic illness that affects the lungs and digestive system. A defective gene and its protein product cause the body to produce unusually thick, sticky mucus that: clogs the lungs and leads to life-threatening lung infections; and obstructs the pancreas and stops natural enzymes from helping the body break down and absorb food A daily routine for someone with cystic fibrosis would be
8:00am treatments-with vest. They take arbuteral with hypercell – that takes 20 min. polmozine- takes 10-15 min and toby which takes 20 min.
12pm-treatments with vest. Arbuteral for another 20 min
4pm- treatments with vest and arubteral for another 20 min.
8pm- treatments with vest and arbuteral with hypercell for 20 min and toboy for another 20 min.
through the night they take multiple treatments again when having diffculty breathing.

My two younger cousins have CF Brianna takes about 20 pills a day and Gaberial takes about 22  pills a day. I asked them a few questions about how they feel and would like to share this video with you all.


Please like and share! Thank u all! ❤